VOXLEN was created to make the technical world of LED a simple place. Easy solutions for that complicated job. Great customer service, alongside a fast logistics team to provide you with what you want, when you need it.

VOXLEN is a supplier of certified LED Lighting solutions for the commercial, retail & hospitality sectors.

Our commercial lighting products are designed and tested to withstand the most demanding Australian conditions whilst delivering optimal lighting conditions and providing 5-star energy efficiency.

Mathew Delaney

Business Development Manager

Trade Certificate -Electrical Mechanic
Tech IES Lighting Design
Years of experience: 22 years
Mathew is responsible establishing relationships with and assisting contractors with sales, verifying code requirements and supporting contractors with subsidy creation..
Mathews Experience includes –
16 years  with a leading Teir 1 electrical contractor working in Commercial, Industrial, Telecommunications and Rail projects both new Installations and Maintenance. Mathew has also worked on major Installations in the UK and EU.
Mathew has also owned and run one of Australias largest Solar installation contracting businesses operating in WA, SA and Victoria before  becoming the national Installation manager of at the time  Australia’s largest solar company.
In more recent times Mathew has been heavily involved in the lighting industry becoming a qualified lighting designer and working as the National Installation Manager for a major LED lighting  Company.
Mathew has a Passion for lighting and the Electrical industry and is enthusiastic about providing Electrical contractors with quality product and a competitive edge supporting them access expert lighting design and access to government subsidies.